Recent Submissions

  • 9th Graduation List 

    Bishop Stuart University (2013)
    List of Graduands on the 9th Graduation 2013
  • Postgraduate Handbook 

    Bishop Stuart University (2016-12)
    The Post Graduate Handbook is one of the vital policy documents of Bishop Stuart University meant to guide students and staff in the processes of management of the graduate programmes to ensure high quality standards. With ...
  • Procurement Policy/Manual 

    Bishop Stuart University (Bishop Stuart University, 2017-02-17)
    This established comprehensive procurement policy clearly spells out specific roles and responsibilities of key parties in relation to procurement decision making. The policy has also established a standard framework that ...
  • Human Resorce Manual 

    Bishop Stuart University (Bishop Stuart University Council, 2015-06-06)
    The Human Resource Manual [HRM] stipulates the operating rules and procedures to be followed by all stakeholders of Bishop Stuart University [BSU] and its subsidiary campuses in conducting their duties. It constitutes the ...