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    • Current Status And Progress Of Research On The Management of Bean Root Rot Complex In South Western Uganda 

      Opio, Fina; Kyamaywa, S.; Kayizzi, K.; Katwijukye, A. (NARO, 2000)
      Bean root rot is the most important disease affecting beans in South Western Uganda. The disease has resulted incomplete loss of t he crop in some areas. At the moment there is urgent need to look for means of reducing the ...
    • Development of a management strategy for Bean root rot in southwestern Uganda 

      Opio, A.F; Kayizzi, K; Buruchara, R; Tukamuhabwa, p; S, Kyamanwa; I, Mugagga; R, Takusewanya (National Agriculural Research Organisation, 2003-08)
      Bean root rot was first noted in southwestern Uganda many years ago according to the people in the area but it was not until early 1990's when its destruction became apparent .The disease is now the most important disease ...
    • The Status of Bean Breeding in Uganda 

      Fina, opio; S, Male-Kayiwa (Namulonge Research Institute, 1993)
      Field bean phaseolus vulgaris are the most important legume crop in uganda .it is the most important source of protein and from a major component of the diet of many ugandans.over 400,000hectares of are grown annually in ...