Recent Submissions

  • The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effect on Economic Development 

    Leefers, Kristin (2004)
    By exploring political, social, and economic development strategies implemented around the globe, scholars have tried to understand which policies are most effective and beneficial, as well as the causes of their successes ...
  • Consent Cases 

    Tufal, Asif (2000-09-09)
    This material is about cases about consent and their rullings
  • Cases on Burglary 

    Unknown author (2000-08-09)
    This report is about buglary, and how the court rules such cases
  • Administering Offences 

    Tufal, Asif (2003-12-19)
    The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 contains two “administration” offences.