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    • The accounting Cycle 

      WAlther, Larry M. (Veritus Publishing, 2009)
      Deals with fanancial and managerial accounting information, accounting profession and accounting career, fundamental accounting equation Assets=liabilities+oweners equity, transaction impact the fundamental accounting ...
    • Accounting Principles 

      Edwards, James Don; Hermanson, Roger H. (Endeavour International Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA, 2010)
      magine that you have graduated from college without taking an accounting course. You are employed by a company as a sales person, and you eventually become the sales manager of a territory. While attending a sales managers' ...
    • Accounting Principles 

      Edwards, James Don; Ivancevich, Susan D.; Hermanson, Roger H. (2000)
      Accounting principles courses teach you the "language of business" so you understand terms and concepts used in business decisions. If you understand how accounting information is prepared, you will be in an even stronger ...
    • Accounting Principles:A Business Perspective 

      Edwards, James Don; Hermanson, H. Roger; Ivancevich, D. Susan (Endeavour International Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA, 2010)
      Imagine that you have graduated from college without taking an accounting course. You are employed by a company as a sales person, and you eventually become the sales manager of a territory. While attending a sales managers' ...
    • Administering Offences 

      Tufal, Asif (2003-12-19)
      The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 contains two “administration” offences.
    • Budget Performance And Accountability in NGOs 

      Bibangambah, Jane Kiconco (Bishop Stuart University, 2010)
      Jane Kiconco Bibangambah's Book examines budgeting and budget management processes in non-profit organisations. Her case study was Save the Children (UK) whose budget performance is analysed in detail to show how it enhances ...
    • Business Fundamentals 

      McCubbrey, Donald J (2009)
      The Business Fundamentals text is designed to introduce students, particularly those in developing economies,to the essential concepts of business and other organizations. It does this by focusing on small, entrepreneurial ...
    • Cases on Burglary 

      Unknown author (2000-08-09)
      This report is about buglary, and how the court rules such cases
    • Challenges of Domestic Violence Against Women 

      Mukundane, Charles (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      This is book explores the controversial subject of domestic violence against women in particular and its other forms as well. Although the problem is universal , the author views it from an African perspective with a special ...
    • Christian Understanding of Social and Ethical Issues 

      Ahabwe, Emmanuel (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      This book discusses the general issues that make the fabric of the society alongside the ethical issues that concern the moral concerns that constitutes the individual's ability to discern between what is "good" and what ...
    • Consent Cases 

      Tufal, Asif (2000-09-09)
      This material is about cases about consent and their rullings
    • Contemporary Issues in Psychology 

      Aheisibwe, Iren (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      This elegantly written Contemporary Issues in Psychology is bimming with interesting issues that are inclusive with regard to all branches of psychology. With a view to provide a comprehensive overview of psychology, the ...
    • Core Concepts of Marketing 

      Burnett, John (2008)
      Through good economic times and bad, marketing remains the pivotal function in any business. Determining and satisfying the needs of customers through products that have value and accessibility and whose features are clearly ...
    • The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effect on Economic Development 

      Leefers, Kristin (2004)
      By exploring political, social, and economic development strategies implemented around the globe, scholars have tried to understand which policies are most effective and beneficial, as well as the causes of their successes ...
    • Depiction of African Indigenous Education in Akiki Nyabongo’s Africa Answers Back (1936) 

      Danson, Sylvester Kahyana (2016)
      This paper examines the depiction of African indigenous formal and informal education and instruction in Akiki K. Nyabongo’s novel, Africa Answers Back (1936), and how his African characters try to protect what they have ...
    • Effective Agricultural Technology Dissemination 

      Ssemakula, Edward (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      Agricultural extension has undergone wide ranging institutional reforms mainly because of its perceived failure to achive the objectives of increasing productivity, production and poverty eradication. The entire blame ...
    • Fireplace Experience in Ankole 

      Kyobutungyi, Alice Jossy Tumwesigye (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      Fireplace Experience is a collection of fascinating folktales from Ankole in Western Uganda. Translated into English for the wide readership, this collection of commonly told folk storie represent a wide range of subjects ...
    • Growing better Cities 

      Mougeot, Luc J.A. (IDRC Books, 2006)
      The UN system’s interest in urban agriculture began to grow in the early 1980s. This was about the time that a survey in Uganda by UNICEF and Save the Children concluded that urban agriculture (UA) supplied sufficient food ...
    • Henry Barlow A Romanticist Reading 

      Kyobutungyi, Alice Jossy Tumwesigye (Bishop Stuart University, 2012)
      A Romanticist Reading is profound interpretation of the motivation behind Henry Barlow's major work, Building the Nation and other Poems. Employed as a civil servant in turbulent post-independent Uganda, Barlow has been ...
    • How to Motivate Creative People 

      McGuinness, Mark (published by Mark McGuinness, London 2009, 2009-01)
      This e-book will help you: • Understand how motivation affects creativity • Get better work out of creative people • Avoid (inadvertently) crushing people’s motivation • Use rewards effectively • Understand and influence ...