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    • Oral acute toxicity study of selected botanical pesticide plants used by subsistence farmers around the Lake Victoria Basin 

      Kamatenesi-Mugisha, Maud; Buyungo, John Paul; Ogwal, Patrick; Kasibante, Alex; Deng, Arop L.; Ogendo, Joshua O.; Mihale, Matabola J. (African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 13-02)
      A survey carried out around the Lake Victoria region showed evidence that people around this region use plant extracts, parts and powders to protect stored food commodities from insect pests. The widely used plants were ...
    • Servival of Xanthomonas Campestris pv Phaseoli in Uganda 

      Opio, A.F.; Teri, J.M; Allen, D.J (African Crop Science Society, 1994)
      The role of infested soil and infested bean debris in the servival of xanthomonas campestris pv phaseoli (XCP) was investigated in Uganda between April 1990 and October 1992. In the study, XCP servived in infested soil and ...
    • Agronomy of cassava 

      Indira J., Ekanayake; David S., Osiru; Marcio C., M. Porto (iita, 1997)
      Even though cassava is a durable crop, it has certain husbandry requirements and is responsive to favorable crop management practices. Healthy, fresh stem cuttings from mature cassava plants are the best planting materials. ...
    • RAPD PCR-based differentiation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Phaseoli and Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli var. fuscans 

      Birch, Paul R.J.; Hyman, Lizbeth J.; Taylor, Robert; Opio, A. Fina; Bragard, Claude; Toth, Ian K. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997-09)
      A RAPD PCR-based method was used to differentiate between isolates of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Phaseoli and Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli var. fuscans. Using random primer OP-G11, a single, high intensity band of ...
    • Screening coepea germplasmfor resistance to bacterial blight in Uganda 

      Bua, B.; Adipala, E.; Opio, F. (International Journal of Pest Management, 1998)
      Twenty-six cowpea lines were field evaluated for resistance to Xhathomonas Campestris pv vignicola for two seasons in two locations of Uganda following Artical Inoculation. Disease development varied significantly (P-0.001) ...
    • Accounting Principles 

      Edwards, James Don; Ivancevich, Susan D.; Hermanson, Roger H. (2000)
      Accounting principles courses teach you the "language of business" so you understand terms and concepts used in business decisions. If you understand how accounting information is prepared, you will be in an even stronger ...
    • Current Status And Progress Of Research On The Management of Bean Root Rot Complex In South Western Uganda 

      Opio, Fina; Kyamaywa, S.; Kayizzi, K.; Katwijukye, A. (NARO, 2000)
      Bean root rot is the most important disease affecting beans in South Western Uganda. The disease has resulted incomplete loss of t he crop in some areas. At the moment there is urgent need to look for means of reducing the ...
    • An Introduction to Franchising 

      Beshel, Barbara (IFA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, 2000)
      An Introduction to Franchising is designed to introduce young people to the fascinating world of franchising. Many people think of fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, when they think of ...
    • Cases on Burglary 

      Unknown author (2000-08-09)
      This report is about buglary, and how the court rules such cases
    • Consent Cases 

      Tufal, Asif (2000-09-09)
      This material is about cases about consent and their rullings
    • Evolutionary Relationships and Biogeography of Biomphalaria (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) with Implications Regarding Its Role as Host of the Human Bloodfluke, Schistosoma mansoni 

      Kazibwe, Francis; DeJong, Randall J; Morgan, Jess A. T.; Lobato Paraense, W.†; Pointier, Jean-Pierre; Amarista, Manuel; Ayeh-Kumi, Patrick F. K.; Babiker, Ahmed; Barbosa, Constanc¸a S.; Bre´mond, Philippe; Canese, Andre´s Pedro; de Souza, Cecilia Pereira; Dominguez, Claudio; File, Sharon; Gutierrez, Alfredo; Nino Incani, R.; Kawano, Toshie; Kpikpi, John; Lwambo, Nicholas J. S.; Mimpfoundi, Remy; Njiokou, Flobert; Noe¨l Poda, Jean; Sene, M.; Vela´squez, Luz Elena; Yong, Mary; Adema, Coen M.; Hofkin, Bruce V.; . Mkoji, Gerald M; Loker, Eric S. (Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2001)
      The wide geographic distribution of Schistosoma mansoni, a digenetic trematode and parasite of humans, is determined by the occurrence of its intermediate hosts, freshwater snails of the genus Biomphalaria (Preston 1910). ...
    • Ethno-pharmacological screening of Vernonia amygdalina and Cleome gynandra traditionally used in Childbirth in Western Uganda 

      Kamatenesi-Mugisha, Maud; Oryem-Origa, Hannington; Odyek, Olwa; Makawiti, Dominic W. (NAPRECA Symposium Book of Proceedings, Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2003)
      Over 80% of pregnant women in Western Uganda deliver at home with the assistance of mainly traditional birth attendants who use herbal remedies to complete the processes of child bearing in the rural communities. In Uganda, ...
    • Participatory evaluation of inproved Technologies with farmers: The case of Bean technologies 

      Ugen, M. A.; Namanya, A.; Opio, F.; Tukamuhabwa, P.; Ssekabembe, R.S. (Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2003)
      The National Beasns programme has curried out on-farm bean variety evaluation trials since 1986 to date using the convetional approach in addition to using farmer particippatory approach from 1992 with more farmer involvement ...
    • Dynamics of mastitis and its control in the smallholder dairy system in Jinja District, in Uganda 

      Byarugaba, D. K.; Nakavuma, J. L.; Laker, C.; Barasa, A. C.; Vaarst, M. (Researchgate, 2003)
      A study was conducted in Jinja district to collect data on the occurrence, risk factors, current control methods of mastitis, drug resistance patterns of bacteria isolates, and also to establish the farmers' knowledge and ...
    • Cytokine Production in Whole Blood Cultures from a Fishing Community in an Area of High Endemicity for Schistosoma mansoni in Uganda: the Differential Effect of Parasite Worm and Egg Antigens 

      Jones, Frances M.; Kimani, Gachuhi; Mwatha, Joseph K; Kamau, Timothy; Kazibwe, Francis; Kemijumbi, Jovanice; Kabatereine, Narcis B.; Booth, Mark; Kariuki, Henry C.; Ouma, John H.; Vennervald, Birgitte J.; Dunne, David W.; Oseph, Sarah J (American Society for Microbiology, 2003-10)
      The human host is continuously exposed to the egg and the adult worm developmental stages of Schistosoma mansoni during chronic infections with the parasite. To assess the cytokine responses induced by these different ...
    • Administering Offences 

      Tufal, Asif (2003-12-19)
      The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 contains two “administration” offences.
    • Schistosoma bovis in western Uganda. 

      Stothard, J.R.; Lockyer, A.E.; Kabatereine, N.B; Tukahebwa, E.M.; Kazibwe, F.; Rollinson, D.; Fenwick, A. (Journal of Helminthology, 2004)
      During routine parasitological surveillance and monitoring activities within aNational Control Programme for control of human schistosomiasis in Uganda, it was noted that cattle grazing in a water meadow immediately adjacent ...
    • Pathogenicity of Pythium species on hosts associated with bean-based cropping system in south western Uganda 

      Virginia, Gichuru; Patrick., Okori; Robin, Buruchara; Fina., Opio (Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Crop Science, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 2004)
      A pathosystem is a subsystem of an ecosystem and is characterised by the phenomenon of parasitism. The bean-Pythium pathosystem consists of the host (bean), the pathogen (Pythium) and their host-pathogen relation. Of ...
    • Chemotherapy for Schistosomiasis in Ugandan Fishermen: Treatment Can Cause a Rapid Increase in Interleukin-5 Levels in Plasma but Decreased Levels of Eosinophilia and Worm-Specific Immunoglobulin E 

      Fitzsimmons, Colin M.; Joseph, Sarah; Jones, Frances M.; Reimert, Claus M.; Hoffmann, Karl F.; Kazibwe, Francis; Kimani, Gachuhi; Mwatha, Joseph K.; Ouma, John H.; Tukahebwa, Edridah M.; Kariuki, Henry. C.; Vennervald, Birgitte J.; Kabatereine, Narcis B.; Dunne, David W. (American Society for Microbiology., 2004)
      Chemotherapy for blood-dwelling schistosomes kills the worms and exposes parasite antigen to the circulation.In many people from areas of endemicity, this treatment increases parasite-specific immunoglobulin E(IgE) and ...
    • The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effect on Economic Development 

      Leefers, Kristin (2004)
      By exploring political, social, and economic development strategies implemented around the globe, scholars have tried to understand which policies are most effective and beneficial, as well as the causes of their successes ...